Social Responsability

In recent years, social responsibility has become increasingly important for companies. There is a higher demand from them to conduct ethical and sustainable business. One way companies demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility is by designing products using eco-friendly and recyclable materials. In this way, companies promote social inclusion and provide support to local communities. OneCrimeStory™ is an example of a brand that cares about spreading social responsibility through its business practices.

Green and recyclable materials

The use of green and recyclable materials is essential for companies to reduce their environmental impact. Our company is committed to using such materials in the production of its products. By using these materials, we can minimise waste, reduce our carbon footprint and also help promote sustainability.

Social inclusion

Another important aspect of our company's social responsibility is social inclusion. We promote social inclusion through our products, where various races and cultures are represented in the characters created. It is also important to note that OneCrimeStory™ products have no geolocation, language, politics, religion, country, borders or continent, thus avoiding any kind of discrimination.

Employment and local partnerships

OneCrimeStory™ also promotes community growth by supporting local employment, local partnerships, suppliers and service providers. By hiring local workers, the company is contributing to the economy of its home country and supporting the development of its communities. Moreover, by working with local suppliers and service providers, our company is promoting sustainability, reducing transport costs and supporting local businesses. This commitment and dedication by our company to establishing local partnerships and providing employment to members of their community also helps to build stronger bonds between them.

In short, OneCrimeStory™ is an excellent example of a company that strives to promote social responsibility through its business practices. By using green and recyclable materials, promoting social inclusion and supporting local employment and partnerships, our company will create a positive impact on the environment and the communities it supports. Companies that follow practices similar to ours are able to build strong relationships with customers and create a favourable image that will benefit them in the long term.